Douven Stahl

An old explorer.


An balding old man with gray hair and beard. He keeps a magnifying glass around his neck. He typically wears the same thing day after day. A pair of brown linen pants, a dirty linen shirt and an intricately and colorfully decorated and robe he found on one of his many expeditions.

His teeth sit crookedly in his withered mouth and his breath is typically unbearable.


Douven is an explorer and archaeologist. He has employed each adventurer at different times to help him with any unexpected foes his exploits might scare up. He pays well because his main interest is knowledge and history he unearths.
He has been integral to giving the adventurers the experience, funds and equipment to pursue their exploits. He means a lot to the adventurers, no matter what their relationships with each other are.

Douven Stahl

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