Shardmind Cleric (Templar)


HP – 24 Bloodied – 12
AC – 10 Resist – 5 Psychic
FORT – 11
REF – 10
WILL – 16


WIS – 9
HEAL – 11
CHA – 7
CON – 1
STR – 1


Melee – Morningstar +3

Ranged – Crossbow +2


Seluku comes from a family that worshipped and devoted their lives to a god that Seluku decided was not worthy of devotion or worship. He left his family and their god in order to discover for himself through personal experience what his purpose is in this world. He is a cleric of the god Silvanus, the unaligned god of Nature.

Because of this alignment Silvanus acts logically in the hopes that the Natural world will be benefited. This, for the most part, means he will take action to do good for the continuation of the natural order of things. He sees humans as part of this natural world, but realizes through his experience, that sometimes humans do not act in a way that he can support. Cults that are built on the predisposition of death and destruction of this natural world are either enemies or possible converts.

His ultimate goal is to reunite his people with the gate of the Feyworld.

His goal on this earth is to maintain the natural balance and ensure the safety of Nature in so much as he can, keeping in mind his logical nature.


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